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BunnyFuFuu is a professional gamer and streamer who is mainly known for participating in League of Legends tournaments and streaming for Cloud9. He ed C9 as substitute support for tournaments, but he ended up deciding to do streaming on a full-time basis for this eSports organization. In latehe ed Cloud9. Some fans have wondered whether or not he retired since then, but BunnyFuFuu C9 is still around.

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He's a Thresh one trick and that didn't translate well to pro play. Now picks troll champs and screams into his webcam to hold on to the shittiest of his viewers. Bunny has been making custom games to make his builds look like they work when in reality the enemy team is just feeding him kills I stalked his op. If i wasn't lazy I'd probably unfollow Bunny's stream and unsub from his youtube; the content just isn't even moderate quality anymore, imo.

Sometimes there's even some Dyrus thrown in there. All he does nowadays is play dumb shit and troll so he gets that sweet ad revenue on his clickbait YouTube vids.

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He's the NB3 of support. If he actually went back to tryharding, I'm sure that he could hit challenger again.

I was hyped for him to be part of c9 but smoothie is better than him in everyway except thresh mechanics and then he started to stream and videos. Isn't nightblue still in challenger on at least one though? Spending a lot of time and effort on quality content is not as rewarding as shitting out 10 minute stream highlights, unfortunately.

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NB3 used to be a high-challenger jungler who had an informative stream and made it his goal to climb. He pulled in a bunch of viewers, he talked through his plays, he played well and won games, and then he just kind of gave it up.

More posts from the leagueoflegends community. Tbh Smoothie is about as good as him at thresh.

They get views and that's what they care about. I can't watch his stream now but man do I miss his old stream. He just trolls and does dumb shit to make clickbait Youtube videos. Now he plays troll stuff, does pretty much whatever his chat wants, his stream is totally a weeb stream now, etc.

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But hey, if they enjoy what they do then that's what matters. I remember watching him in a documentary saying that he will do whatever it takes to get back into a support role in C9 and he was playing basketball in the video or something but now he just plays random shit botlane for the memes. I don't have anything against either of them, I still enjoy NB3 occasionally, it's just a shame to see them change so drastically.

This is a subreddit devoted to the game League of Legends. He was a very selfish player in the sense that he didn't give mid laners blue and he'd tax his laners for successful ganks and it worked for him.

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I can't stand his videos anymore. What happened to Bunny Fufuu? I know most former pros that stream for a living like QT, Scarra, Dyrus, etc remain challenger or master tier.

He acts troll and "silly" because it gets him a bunch of views. I don't really watch his stream so maybe he has a challenger that I'm not aware of under another name. Continue this thread. He acts how he does and play how he does for the views.

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I know he went to streaming but why is he bad now? Created Jan 13, Community Heroes Powerups Top posts august 4th Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top. Pretty much whatever it takes to get people to watch. He used to be this challenger thresh god that everyone knew about and was competing for the starting support spot on cloud 9. Even older pros who don't play as much like theoddone are mid-high diamond. I remember last spring whenever he would stream, he would only have a few hundred viewers, but his stream was always one of the most relaxing and calm streams with some funny moments mixed in.

Bunny fufuu

Yeah, reminds me of brofresco. It's very similar to Nightblue3, as everyone else is pointing out.

It's really a shame what happened to him and his stream. Support version of NB3. Sold out for views, becoming rusty from all that clickbait. He is worse than nb3 cus at least the guy makes his content on real rank low elo rank games. Posted by Progress beneath Steadfast Sky.

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