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The only place you can get these types of mods are on PC. First up, we have Armored Underwear Lite.

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Everyone knows that Bethesda's games have a gazillion or so nude mods on the PC, from bizarro festish mods to full on hardcore sex scenes crafted through the Lovers Lab. When mods finally came to console owners, the big question was

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It may only be a subtle change but, like most of these mods, using it will probably still make you feel slightly dirty. The nude armor replacer cleverly turns the standard vault suit into a naked female body, meaning that when you equip armor over the top of the vault suit, the character still looks totally nude underneath.

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We start out with the only mod that is fairly suitable for work, although that may depend on what baseball team your boss supports. Well, for the benefit of those who think the Wasteland would benefit from a little nudity, here are nine of the best Fallout 4 mods available right now and where to find them.

New World Connection Error Fix. How to Get the Wingsuit in Far Cry 6. Other Culture Indie eSports Video.

The best nsfw nude fallout 4 mods and where to find them

The image shows a man doing a pretty piss-poor job of hiding his junk. You can download the Transparent Bra mod here.

You can download the immersive attire fix here. You can download the Male Pipboy background here. As the name suggests, this simple modification turns all the Fallout 4 women's bras into the see-through variety.

Published Nov. Rob Thubron Featured Correspondent. As well as undergarments featuring the local baseball team, the mod creators also lets player characters both male and female adorn some fancy underwear, rather than the grubby panties and bras the base game offers up.

The good thing about this mod is that you can add in-game modifications to the vault suit and keep all associated bonuses while still appearing naked. You can download the Fallout 4 nude mod here.

Best fallout 4 sex mods (sexy, nude, adult mods)

Hardware Graphics Cards Peripherals Components. Quite similar to the full nude mod, the fantastically titled Glorious female nude mod looks a lot more You can download the Glorious female nude mod here. Scroll for Single View. Related Topics.

Fallout 4 xbox one nsfw / nude modsyep, they exist!

In the interest of fairness, and the fact that virtually every other mod involves women, we finish up with a Pip-Boy background mod that showcases the male genitalia. New World Territory Standing Explained. You can download The Fapboy here.

These include Vault standard issue panties and bra, some magic rainbow unicorn underwear for the men, and a variety of camo des. The creator says he may expand the mod to include other under-armor clothing, such as the Dirty Army Fatigues, at a later date.

You can download the nude armor replacer here. Topless Pink Victoria Secret Panties is a bit of an amalgamation of a nude mod and a underwear-altering mod, which means it could basically be defined as topless modification.