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Hot guys with 6 packs, Filipina girl guy for friend for Hot

Meet 25 men on Instagram whose incredible physiques and picture perfect abs have caught our attention. True sweat equity and a hardcore fit lifestyle have earned these men the recognition they deserve.

beautiful Lila

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They're pretty to look at in celebrity pictures. I don't care at all about the men in my life having them. Not to say all people with 6 packs have a big ego, but the kind of people who mention they have a 6pack tend to. I am attracted to fit people because they take care of themselves which is admirable and attractive as I do, and it's something I care about. Seeing the result of that is attractive because of the efforts made, more-so than the Adonis factor.

Name: Enid
My age: 48
Sexual identity: I prefer male
I know: English
What is my favourite drink: Gin

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The male celebrities with the best abs

My friends and I do. What would you like to say?

Why are six packs 'hot'? I guess that society influences our views. View un-answered posts. I'm a girl ,and my friends are all girls ,and none of us find six packs hot ,or muscles in general ,but the stereotypical thing is 'that six pack is hoot'. Study forums. Home and forums. Go to first unread. Student Surveys and Research.

Popular freshers articles. Log in. Personally I work out about times a week and I am by no means the next worlds strongest man or anything like them, however I have quite a good build and body and like to see myself in the mirror with a 6 pack and a nice body as opposed to a fat body. Ask a question.

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MadVisionary Badges: I'm not claiming any of those to be true or untrue, just what I've experienced. My friends and I think the complete opposite.

Report 4 years ago 9. More industry forums. Report 4 years ago 4. Report Thread starter 4 years ago Original post by jenniferhh Same. EU Students. Report 4 years ago 7. Part-time and temporary employment. I just don't get why the sterotypcle hot is defined with muscles ,I think that they're just a bit weird.

Browse professional sexy handsome male model sixpack abs stock photos available royalty-free.

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People are gonna have different tastes though, that's natural.

Guys six pack

They also show that a person is dedicated, healthy and makes good decisions as you don't get a 6 pack by just sitting on the sofa and eating crap all the time. University Life. You can personalise what you see on TSR. Tell us a little about yourself to get started. Careers advice. Everyone is different, but personally I enjoy working out and bodybuilding. TSR apps. Friends, family and work.

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