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Katara long hair, Thai Katara seek boy hair for chat

Katara considered hair loopies an important part of her identity having sported the hairstyle since she was a little girl though there were times when she lost her trademark look. Aang and his friends are eating.

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All through the series, Katara wore her hair in different ways. This was based on the environment she found herself in or what was happening around her at the time.

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She loves him with all her heart. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience.

He is clean-shaven take it or leave it. It had cut into her funds, but Katara felt… free after she had done it. Her dad and brother and her friends had been worried about her going off on her own.

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He loves its complexity; how it reflects her, her identity. End Image ID]. Katara wants to know what he thinks and He loves her short hair ;0 he loves the fact that they can pretty much match hairstyles now.

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I refuse. After her bad breakup with Jet, Katara went on a solo trip through the Earth Kingdom.

I wanted to draw different hairstyles for the gaang members- I'm planning to draw other members later on. Katara returns from a solo trip with a new outlook on life and a new haircut, and the GAang has opinions. She loves his hair. He loves her with all his heart.

She loves it short, falling into boyish eyes, different after years of shame. But Katara knows that the most obvious change is her hair. AH someone help my brain short circuited i am pain katara ellie posts atla.

He loves her hair. Except it's a modern AU where these babes are college students in DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival and wanted to look model-y in their pictures for the gram. She loves it long, silky, royal with his golden crown and red ribbons.

He loves it soft, smooth, adorned with be and pearls. What do you think about how the adult versions of Aang and the others look in this picture?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She has blue hair cut just below her jaw, a nose piercing, and a golden crescent moon earring. Visit Blog. Katara is looking at the viewer.

She loves its past, its present and future; how it defines him, like his honour and kindness. The image background is a flat light blue.

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She had needed a soul-searching journey, and it was best doing it alone. But she had really loved Jet, and when she caught him cheating, it had crushed her. He loves it tangled, battle-worn, braided or loose.