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Miley Cyrus Feet are admired mainly by her die hard male fans and followers. If you follow her on her social media s, you are going to see so many pictures of her feet. Many female celebs share their feet pictures to show off the tattoos or nail lacquer.

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The new side of her, she alters ego if you will, only increased her chances of being spotted barefoot.

She wears a Prada dress and platform Prada sandals, she only had to wear socks on her knee to be Miley. But Miley is far from the starlet Hannah Montanna with whom we fell in love.

We will show you some……. Her strange outfits are usually complemented by equally strange shoes.

Miley cyrus feet, shoe size and shoe collection

Her ridiculous dress is accompanied by an equally ridiculous green heel. Maturity revealed another aspect of Miley that many could have bet that it would never happen.

Miley has also performed in a of shows without shoes. Trending Now. Liam Hemsworth.

She matched her silver Versace outfit with a silver platform boot. Image source.

Oh, Myley Gosh! However, Miley has slowly started building a new series of fans, who have totally fallen in love with her new side, some of the old ones have to come and face it while others have their fingers crossed hoping that the old Miley would come back as soon as possible!

A change that her Hannah Montanna fans found very difficult to digest, leaving many critical comments on her social media. His white blazer is by Jean Paul Gaultier while the black and white striped heel peep toe is Christian Louboutin.

A mature Miley attending the Billboard Music Awards. Who Is Hannah Bagshawe? Miley slowly got rid of her sneakers and jeans and wore only suspenders and, most of the time, almost nothing, especially during stage performances.

She deserved the good girl-boy-bad nick. On many occasions, paparazzi caught her bare feet on the streets of Los Angeles not as if she cared. Miley Cyrus Feet have become a topic of discussion since her days on the Hannah Montana show, many scenes have seen her barefoot for the pleasure of foot fetishism.