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My girlfriend has ugly feet, Aesthetically ugly search has especially for girlfriend

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Name: Lisbeth
Years old: I am 19
My sexual orientation: Guy
Iris tone: I’ve got lively brown eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my hair: Flaxen
My figure type: I'm quite thin
Favourite drink: Champagne
Music: Blues

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For me those matter more.

But it doesn't bother me much personally. They're narrow too. Most men don't either.

You may think your hands are nice, but some might disagree. But she loved being barefoot and I almost puked every moment I looked down. Funny you should ask this, because having nice hands and feet are very important to me when meeting or getting to know a woman.

ZeussLightningBolt get with them anyway then dump them after you get what you want. Up Now! Related Questions. Everyone thought so; one time her friends were teasing her about the time she had had a zit - years before. Actually, I've seen guys with nicer feet than some girls.

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You can't satisfy everyone. I would not say I have a foot fetish but I have seen some girls who's feet got me rock hard so maybe I do lol. What level of ugly are we talking about? Just keep them clean and you'll be fine. Like a french person in a cartoon.

ZeussLightningBolt Master. If she has nice hands, feet, and toes then I actually think so much more highly of her regardless of her other physical features. That should never happen.

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Well yea if the person I am with is turned off by my feet and asks me to wear socks or so I'll shovel the socks into his mouth and he can go fuck someone else. Yea no one is. EmbraceThePain opinions shared on Dating topic. I will not marry a girl unless I see her feet But trust me, your feet will be 10s compared to some of the ones I've seen on American girls :p. Arabic women take care a lot of themselves.

I had to break up with her I just had to UmmWhatsGoingOn Xper 2.

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BUT, her second toe on both feet was like a finger extending way further out then the rest of them. Show All. Girls, do you hate ugly introverts? Lol no I don't care much about feet. Well obviously beauty and attraction is entirely subjective. I just think the feet should at least match the rest of the body like if the person have an ugly face and body then they should probably have ugly feet, and vice versa. Maybe no one is. I have a foot fetish, so my girl needs to have sexy feet. Maraneva Xper 7. I was with a a very sweet woman.

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To me though, as long as they're not mangled up or covered in filth, I'm totally fine. Screwed up toenails? And 'ugly' for that matter is also subjective so someone's "Damn hot! How much of a turn off is it if a girl has ugly feet? Yea true you wouldn't know sryy But in my region all girls fix their nails and have their eyebrows on fleek. And I try to no fuss about things I can't control and work hard on the things I can, like being fit, healthy and positive overall.

Add Opinion. I-am-a-nobody opinions shared on Dating topic. Just well kept and cute.

Not speaking for every guy out there, but I think guys tend to notice one or two really nice features and neglect the negatives I'm not much of a "foot guy" myself, but I will rub the wife's feet once in a while. I couldn't concentrate or think about it. I've seen, short, long, and also uneven toes that were cute.

I have nice hands but my feet aren't my strongest feature. Share Facebook. Can I wear shorts? Xper 6. Her attention towards me was fun and exciting. Like some body broke the end off of river oars and those are now my feet. I tend to forget it's not the same everywhere. You should've provided a pic to get honest opinions. Same with toes too.

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You DO That's why prefer girls from that part of the world. These are some of the most important physical features for me in a woman. I have size 16 feet with super long spider toes, is that a turn-off?

Just got an upcoming "birthday present" idea! Show All Show Less.

A lot of American girls do not take care of their feet I've seen some with guy feet. But I think the most important is your opinion of yourself since you can't really please everyone at least be self content. Same with your hands.

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Sort Girls First Guys First. Is pale skin ugly? It's not like the guy's going to see her feet and say, "Whoa, she has a perfect figure and face, but those feet are a total dealer breaker! But that was her most outstanding physical feature - she had the most perfect skin I've ever seen. How are your feet ugly? JustRollTheDice opinions shared on Dating topic. No, she had a beautiful natural tanned appearance. Maybe she had a little of some other ethnicity in her background or something. Lots of guys like feet and your toes don't have to be perfect and aligned. A face left behind from an absorbed twin?

Only if they are horribly ugly but if it's just a little then it's fine I'm not with them for how I think there feet look. Counter-question: what about guys feet? Yeah, so thanks for the he up I know not to pursue you. Obviously I take care of them.