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Sex club initiation stories, Thai story hunting club men to Sex

for Free! Published 8 years ago.

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It was my very first time having actual sex in a club, swingers setting. I was in my mid-forties and just discovering my sexuality through my second marriage. Up until this time, I had been just like many women you know, playing it by the traditional rules set for us as wives and mothers. The initial appeal of my second husband was the authoritative age difference he brought and his support in broadening my sexual horizons. This is the story of my first swinger's experience when I actually did something brave and entirely new.

Name: Lonnie
Years: I'm 25 years old
Orientation: Hetero
Zodiac sign: I'm Sagittarius
Music: Folk

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I kept stroking the dildo in and out of my pussy, and they kept watching.

I smiled as he took my picture with his phone. I was dripping wet and it slid into me smoothly as I started fucking myself with it. Score 4. The other older one in his early 30s wanted hubby to video the whole thing for him to keep as part of the deal for keeping quiet.

Club initiation

It was getting late in the afternoon as we slid up behind a truck about 20 miles out of Charlotte. I looked up, and they were right behind us. I put one foot on the dash next to the door and let my legs fall open wide as hubby eased up on the next truck. I was using both hands now to thrust it inside myself. As I sat there, I felt two hands around my wrists, guiding my hands up. He had a passenger. We were leaving on Friday afternoon, and I was going to look wonderful when we arrived.

They watched as I started sucking on it, letting it slide down my throat. I was so excited about where we were going that I decided to give hubby a treat.

Hubby motioned for me to get out of the car, and I slid my top off my shoulders. I was squeezing my breasts together as we eased up beside it. Then I unbuttoned my skirt and undid the zipper, easing it down to the floor. Hubby handed me something, a dildo he had in the console. We pulled into the back of the rest area, where the trucks parked and went to a corner of the lot where there was noone parked. He said, "Honey, keep stroking. We did this for about 30 minutes and I was getting pretty wet.

Published 9 years ago. As I was thinking about what they would feel like, we started slowing down for the rest area. Hubby slid my blindfold over my head onto my neck and sat me down on the chrome running board of the truck. I felt vulnerable as I was the only naked one but knew what they wanted me to do.

He told me to look on the door of the truck. Also one cute little Teddy would make the list complete. Something happened along the way. As we pulled up beside the cab, I reached down and started finger fucking myself, rolling my hips off the seat, fucking my own fingers as they pushed deep inside me. They were both gorgeous young guys, very tall and athletic looking.

Wife's group sex initiation ceremony

As we passed one, I looked up to see the driver checking me out. I would enjoy riding two cocks and he would get to see me do it. I looked up and saw the young blonde driver smiling down at us. Now I was totally naked except for my shoes and a pair of sunglasses.

Makeup and hair perfect, dressed for sex, and ready to go. It was so exciting standing there in the open, naked, with them feeling me up knowing they would be fucking me and thinking about how they would feel and what would happen. Not suprisingly, they were placed on two cocks in front of me. We were actually going to do it. I had to trust hubby to figure out how this would happen. He slid into a parking place and the truck parked beside us, blocking our car off from the rest Sex.

I looked up into the cab as we passed, and the story had spotted us in his mirror. He started feeling my breast with his free hand, and the other walked up and stood in front of me, reaching initiation to slide his fingers between my legs to feel my dripping pussy. The first thing I noticed was the size of their feet.

They were at club a size 11 or This might be very very good. Then I slid it into my pussy, taking it to the hilt with the first slow stroke. The older of the two put his arm around me as hubby went for my furry blindfold and the camera.

I started caressing my breasts, pushing them together and rolling the nipples in my fingers. The next day I went shopping for shoes, CFM shoes hubby calls them.

I started sucking on one, sliding my lips over the head and licking the bottom as I worked it into my mouth. I found their cocks again and pulled them in close as I spread my legs. First, after filling out the membership applications, we were asked to be STD tested, and to bring that paperwork to them before we could be admitted to our first event. We had finally done it. He loved engineering ways to provide situations where I would be seduced by one strange man, then two, and then small groups, where I would be surrounded by hands and tongues groping, probing, eating me and then fucking me.

I heard hubby tell me not to cum.

I watched the monthly calendar and made hotel reservations for the very next event. We left home and took the interstate out of town. He put it over my eyes, and slid it up my neck under my hair so as not to mess it up. I was bucking against the dildo as I fucked myself faster and faster with it. I knew hubby wanted to have fun on the way and I wanted to be ready.

I was already wet thinking about what was ahead. The guys in the cab were glued to my body as we rode.

I walked up to Sex and they shook my hand, meeting me for the first time. for Free! Traffic was light, but there were trucks on the road slowing things down. I felt each body and both had pulled their cocks out with their jeans still up. He told me to wait in the car, and I sat there making little circles on my clit with my finger in anticipation of what was to come as he got out. When he arrived home on Friday afternoon I was ready. We ran side by side for a long time and they were very intent on keeping it that way as I grew hotter and hotter story my tits, rubbing my clit and fingering myself.

I laughed to myself club he stuck his tongue out as we rolled by him, hubby inching forward very slowly. Hubby had called me out and when I walked towards them he looked me over and changed his mind. I started to massage my clit with one hand while squeezing my nipple with the other as we reached the cab of the semi.

The club we contacted was in Charlotte North Carolina, and it was very thorough in making sure we were married, and who we said we were.

Hubby walked to the front of the car as they got out of the cab, walking back to him, shaking his hand and talking. When hubby came home that night I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

His tongue would feel good about now, but I was enjoying the afternoon sun on my body and we were heading for an adventure. I looked around and there was nothing but woods behind us, and I think they were totally surprised when I got out of the car totally naked except for my heels and sunglasses.

He said something and there were two he looking down at me. Both of them were raping me with their eyes as they talked to hubby. He had the club vid camera in his hand and laid it down beside me as he positioned the blindfold. Now we were ready. Letting my seat back down, I laid back and stretched. Hubby looked over and told me to initiation this last one a really good show.

Then cute little dresses, and stockings and garter belts with bras to match. This was even more exciting as Sex was now in the dark, in the open, naked, with two men in front of me that I knew would be fucking me. Where there would be a choice of story for us to enjoy. He smiled as he watched me. They asked me and I said OK. They all agreed. I was traveling in a denim skirt, heels, and a small top with a built in bra that zipped up the front. I was close by that time and looked at him strangely.

I wanted to look great no matter what stage of undress I was caught in.