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The witcher 2 malena, Malena woman The for male for witcher

If you meet in "The Witcher 2" on Malena, there are several ways to complete the Quest. How you can solve them, we will show you in this practical tip.

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The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Guide by gamepressure.

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When you do, decide her fate as you wish, to complete the quest. Continue to go north and you will see Malena and the guards in front of the cave. If you look to the west, next to the lake, you should see some ruins.

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Head back to Flotsam and then exit through the southern gate. The guards seemed to be hurling grave accusations at her. The cave is filled with Nekkers so stay alert. Just near the entrance, you will see a corpse.

Witcher 2 assassins of kings enhanced edition walkthrough: malena side quest

Go back to Flotsam and exit through the western gate to reach the harbor. Open your map and locate the lake south from Flotsam. The amount of Orens you receive as reward depends on the of guards you manage to keep alive. Malena is hidden within these ruins.

Enter the cave and you should see some blood on the floor.

The witcher 2 malena asks for forgiveness

Combat Tip: Use the Silver Sword and fast attacks to dispatch the enemies. The first thing you should do is to interrupt the guards and hear their story.

Dispatch them quickly with your Steel Sword and the Yrden before the Temerians guards are killed. If you follow this path, Malena wishes to meet you in the forest, by the waterfall.

She is Malena and if you approach her you will trigger a new side-quest that awards additional experience points. When you reach the ruins you will also start In the Claws of Madness side-quest.

The following walkthrough refers to this specific side-quest and explains how to complete it. Your options are:.

When you reach the waterfall, get ready for a fight because you will be ambushed. Source: softpedia.

Malena (quest)

Ever sensitive to displays of intolerance, the witcher decided to investigate. About The Author. The forest you must cross to reach Malena is filled with Nekkers and Endregas, allowing you to complete two additional side-quests: The Nekker Contract and The Endrega Contract. Unfortunately, the soldiers are too scared to enter the cave, so you must investigate it yourself.

Combat Tip: Yrden is your best choice during this fight. Walkthrough The first thing you should do is to interrupt the guards and hear their story.

You can set them on fire with the Igni which inflicts a decent amount of damage to these creatures. Look for her on the surface and make sure you locate a large tree. Next to the tree is a wall and you will find her there, in a corner.

Malena (quest)

Examine it, and continue to follow the blood trail. While you fight the guards, Malena disappears, and you have to find her.

At this point you have to choose what to say. Make sure you have the required items to complete The Nekker Contract.