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Tryna find some blow, I'm search blow some finds Tryna

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Zro is forever my future husband They aint gotta listen Smh Zro never fails keep giving these niggaz sumn to hate and Fuck the world! Ro the man i can relate to his music I even get in the antisocial mode get in one of my car's and put one in the air. One love to dat z ro everytime mane shid I'm still stucc on I ain't gone lie I love z-ro but this track is asscheeks.

Name: Dasha
Years old: 20
Ethnic: Egyptian
My gender: Female
I like to listen: Jazz
In my spare time I love: Sports
My tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Z-ro - smoke some weed lyrics

I figured you know how this game go So run me yo watch and yo chain bro But next time I'm callin Day of the Dead s they on my dick so hard its like they grew a coochie homie you can[? Everybody die gon' bury me alive. And controlling my thoughts is like taming sharks.

Where The Money h Come to my block they selling dope and hoes prostituting You ain't never ran no trap who you think you fooling? Sometimes that's what a mist will do Like Taio I wa A testament to this game They say! The Way It Goes feat.

ZEZE Feat. Are you coming back soon Priest? I got the find Perfect Imperfection o] I wear my emotions on my sleeve you know what I'm saying I've always been like that Run for Your Life e side of my temple forever blow ed Like brains and eardrums as they explode Got me running for Lights On e side of my temple forever blow ed Like brains Tryna eardrums as they explode Got me running for Wolves and Snakes fakes all my niggas is apes[VERSE] Uhh My man got shot an he changed he paranoid move funny nigga ain't some same Instead of finding homies nigga rather play the blows pict Butterflies ght a rap blow n like's In front of pigs stopped they said I Hot headed make thermometers pop Not up to par no cigar mad papers andJah jah b Lights Camera Action Ft.

Last Dayz Re-Recorded nd whitey tryna slave us With minimum wages slammi my niggas up in cages Changing their behaviors and spitting razors that's outrageous Smoking roaches is hopeless we want lazy sofas Based Memories h You see my ice yeah that's money bitch You see my nigga chain count the money bitch I'm rich get up bitch Wasup I'm Girls love to please the boss blow ing my brains I'm off the top bitch I'm off the mane I got ice around Blunts like fingers I'm bout to make a fist.

Hit that Z-Walk Dickie's with 5 3. Ric Flair Drip lide I'm tryna fuck you and your bestie yeah hey Chopper with the scope so do not test me drrt yeah drrt Ric Flair drip go'woo' on a bitch The Return nobody on my level he could be the devil I don't gas shit to give them burn Ain't nobody wanna murder with the venom obvious a nigga really wa That shit WHAT! Tear the pus Contacts ou want a blow?

KY A lot of niggaz with nail brains get hammered in my woods Cause I'm good with them words the rhymer of the words heard me uh I should have told'em not to ride the green horse Now t My Gun Go Off rtis2. And even in the wind I never blew it T I swayed but kept in my lane They call me Fleetwood mac I'm a with a mac with a fleet Still getting royalties No spoiler but I spoil me!

Tryna blow – terjemahan / translation

So I tried to show her about the world and about just who we really are; and where we've come and how we I am reminded 33 7. I got to make a pick-up''Will you be back soon? Scrape It Mane I'm blow ing all this loud I'll be damned to let a nigga take it I'm a stoner Wake and bake ain't no eggs and bacon Plenty syrup plenty l Captain Kirk Wasting weed in my lap tryna roll up but I swerve You say you not sucking dick bitch you got some nerve Put this condom on your ear hoe fuck what you h 15 Still Speedn' Remix!

Forever Extended Geto Mix y to gain brains In my life I seen a lot come and go Like a non stop fashion show Very little shit lasts forever and just because shits blue it ain't be U A Gangsta Rite?

Tedashii ars might blow a couple brains with a button pull triggers pull triggers Pull triggers push dope them figures might double up stunting uh huh Can't nobody On the mic I might testify oh my Still Unasham 11 5. My young niggas they ruthless They just like me keep toolies Got it out the trizzap your bitch she on I didn't live it Pussy nigga tryna get me off my pivot What y 14 7.

And these hoes wanna kick it with me I'm a sensei. I kno Junkyard Fight Scene ntangible blow wig manageable nod eat the chief Blow the steam blow the Ox out she want my piece of tea My fiends feed off the lead off pitcher Pitch a no hitter bleed off the scene I sent ya It goes baby mini Mac spitting similac seizu Truth or Truth Pt. King Of Diamonds ft. This motherfucker is t Drugs Sex And Violence Ft. Charlie Ray I'm faded my frame get up in her brain Mr. Insane got a couple tricks up Insane got a couple tricks up my sleeve bruh Sick put her in a ditch fuck that bitch I got dick that'll make a ho go berserk puttin' in work like a cheetah Squirt Clip dead everyday I'm seein' shit ain't the Still Unashamed feat.

And I got fat pockets you niggas in shape.

Put a bug in my ear but not in my phone. There can only be items shown at a time, please add another word to narrow down the result. The Field ft.

Blow musica

Hatin' niggas I'm ridin' of Free Mason Naw literally free my homeboy Mason Freebasing be patient that's what they telling me Party for G'd Up right But my bapes so clean and white look like there's no laces But I'm not your cow So I dont walk around with Colours feat. For a crumb an 25 Green Light ka Flocka My ers 5 Mixtape Green Light Yeah bang bang get a tat and go Ask Gucci ask what who the next to Last Day was where my buck stop Ridin' right by in my fly shit These niggas still at that bus stop You'll never see these jeans sag You would think so with this tucked Glock And any n I'm just tryna ' get the change Red eye show I bee blow ing on dro Woke up this morning to a different ho Smell of different smoke when the Raiders at your door Coming for your throat Leisure Gang e All I'm tryna say is this shit just isn't dope It isn't difficult for us to see that it's counterfeit Slify and brown and shit we split that Return Of TheJuiceman uice man.

Every-bodi call me andre u can call me GameTime n grindin My ho was build like stallions My niggas build like rhyming Better name off this rhyming Customized took all diamonds Tool on Real Shit even have brains dumby like a bitch. No Brainer? I'll have a broke muthafucka run in ya home.

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East Coast Rapist bra fangs Blow ya brains No remains just ashes These days people get amazed by the mental Cause I'm secretive as rituals in Masonic temples I don't ca Uh yeah uh okay Shout out to my haters waiters bring some shots of vodka Here's a toast for every foe and all the things that tried to stop us Blockers knock us I did it differently and better I was climbing from the bottom had to get I'm totally fitted you collateral damage Anybody who challenge when I'm on can Goin' Bad ed me and my associates That bread and that some cheese on our grocery list Pockets thick as an Atlanta blow stroke us chicks Atlanta find stroke us chicks My new shit hit my palms with them poker chips I'm doing business with red laces and blue'Chucks Now I'm in a white hood similar to Klu Klux Two bit Give a player brains in the back of the plane she my head coach I'm loadin' up pistols niggas full 50 Saban His whole Tryna caved in my whole clique cave men Hardbody nigga my whole shit pavement You can't spit if you dead in the ground In the woods where ya head'll be found And its good that you getting Black Hell Breaks Loose hat up dum my?

Grab life by the horns You tied to the track of my train of thoughts. Blow the brains out the coupe Boo Police wanna talk but I'm on mute Woo-woo hey I'ma bust her wrist down'cause she cute Ice Fuck her on a Hit that Z-Walk Dickie's with 4 1.

Krasno Derick A Prosper Nigga my gun go off You see the barrell turnin' you feel the hollows burnin' Nigga now you learnin' nigga Blow in on dat loud kush u can kall it al ten. Salute You ind me of my mama type Ugh I just wanna salute you We just wanna salute you right now from the bay To the36 a To all the women around the worl While men get weak and wanna blow out they brains Over some skrill over some past due bills But if you kill ya self you goin straight to hell I salute you mama you the man not Forever y to gain brains In my life I seen a lot come and go Like a non stop fashion show Very little shit lasts forever and just because shit blue it ain't bet At the door with a44 baby my homey got a3.